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Just driving down the road subjects your rig to hurricane & earthquake type forces! This can cause things to suddenly break or not work properly.  With over 30 years of repairing complex systems, we can diagnose the problem, order correct parts and get it fixed for you with minimum delays!


Whether it's a brand new rig or older RV you are considering as a purchase, we can perform a detailed multi-point inspection and note potential costly issues BEFORE you buy.


Make sure vital systems are in top shape.  Whether it’s making sure your AC is ready for hot weather or that your furnace will turn on when it's chilly, we can make sure that the systems are working at peak efficiency. And don’t forget small items like slide seals and roof caulking. Have us check them BEFORE they become a costly & inconvenient repair!

Dennis is an RVSA Certified Mobile Tech.
Available for mobile onsite RV REPAIR work at YOUR rig or at our shop location.  
Experienced, licensed, fully insured

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